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Our top priority at Martin & Richards, PLLC is delivering exceptional client service. What does that mean? It means being flexible, accommodating and focused on achieving results tailored to meet your needs - and your budget.  How do we do it? Read more about our firm below.

Client Meetings That Work for You


We understand that in-person meetings in an office building are not always practical or possible. We frequently meet with clients in their homes, at their offices or wherever it is most convenient for you. That being said, much of our work can be completed online, over email, by telephone or via video conference.

Your Choice of Payment Methods


We accept payments by cash, check, electronic check or credit card. Electronic check and credit card payments are made through LawPay, a secure online processor that has been approved by the Oregon State Bar, Washington State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. 


Convenient Client Portal


Clients have access to our client portal to send secure messages and view correspondence, invoices and other documents. Security and convenience are among our top priorities for client service, and the portal is among the tools available to you. 


Paperless Law Firm


We make extensive use of technology to manage our law firm, including encrypted and secure cloud storage of documents. This keeps our costs down, enabling us to pass our savings on to you. Better yet, minimizing the use of paper makes our law firm (and our clients) more environmentally friendly. You even have the option of receiving - and paying - invoices electronically.  


Flexible Billing Rates


Billing by the hour remains our most-common billing method, but we also offer many of our services at a flat fee, with a billing cap or on a limited-scope retainer. We will work to find a pricing method that works for you, your objectives and your budget.


Community Involvement


Our attorneys are committed to the communities we serve and are actively involved in pro bono projects, our bar associations, and local organizations. The connection we have to our local communities enables us to better serve the needs of our clients. 



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